71 Dodge Charger RT
In 1971 my father bought new a 1971 Dodge Charger SE in Butterscotch (EL5) with a 383 2bbl.  The car passed from my Dad to me, and then to my brother.  My brother and I in the late 70's early 80's rebuilt the engine and A727 Trans, updated the CAM from Direct Connection, added a Thermoquad Carb, installed front and rear spoilers, and had it repainted .  The car was raced at Englishtown Raceway in NJ by my brother.  Sometime later he sold the car.  It is said that the car's engine had been blown and the car is sitting in a garage somewhere in NJ, not seeing the road since the mid 80's.

In 1996 my brother came across the Charger in the photo color photo below.  It is an original 1971 Dodge Charger RT with a 440 Magnum.  The car pretty much sat in his garage accumulating parts which he purchased in anticipation of restoring those needing help.  

The 71 Charger has always had sentimental value to us, since it was the car we both grew up with.  In 2011 I purchased the car from my brother to bring back to it's original form.  Unfortunately, we do not have the build sheets and can only go by what we received with the car and what little we know of it's history,
The purpose of this site is to share the experiences and life of this car as we take it from it's current form to a fully restored Classic Car.  Over the next year or two ... check back to see updates to this restoration.

Below are two photos; the black and white photo is the original Charger SE my Dad purchased in 1971.  The color photo is the Charger RT.

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